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Ministry Positions

  • ministrysearch.com:  Provides descriptions of available church job openings, including openings for senior pastors, worship leaders, youth pastors, and other church leadership positions.



  • ccwonline.com:  Ministry tools
  • livingeithjesus.org - blog:  Blog where Pastors, Ministers, Christian Leaders and Missionaries can share prayers, trials, successes, and more.
  • mintools.com: Tools to help you to discover your spiritual gifts, get
    equipped for serving God, and find useful ministry resources.
  • partnersinministry.org:  Resources for ministers (not free).
  • pastors.com:  Website to encourage pastors, ministers, and church leaders with tools and resources for growing healthy churches (not free).



Support & Help for Ministers

  • clergeryrecovery.com:  Aim is to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery.
  • Pastoral Advocacy Center:  Goal is to help injured, hurting ministers who have been rejected from the ministry or have chosen to leave for self-preservation reasons to rediscover the joy of their salvation; to renew their individual value; and to focus on God's intent for their lives.

Youth Ministers

  • youthpastor.com:  Comprehensive youth ministry network and online 'free' resource for youth pastors.
  • childrensermons.com:  145 free Christian children's sermons that take less than five minutes to give.

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